Welcome to the personal website of David Pye. This site contains a story of my time as an Australian infantry soldier during the Vietnam War, a copy of my father's diary about when he was a P.O.W. under the Japanese at Changi during the second world war plus some free software I wrote, a trivia page and more..

I hope you enjoy your visit and find something useful to take with you. All I ask in return is that you do a random act of kindness for someone else. If you see someone else in trouble, stop and lend a hand. After all, one day it could be you. If every one on this planet did one kindness for someone else every day, then what a perfect world we would have. You won't get a medal or your name in the paper, but you will have a feeling of self-satisfaction for doing something nice.

Why is this site here? This site is here purely for my own enjoyment and interest and has absolutely NO advertising whatsoever. It's also here in the hope that others may get some enjoyment and interest from it, and it may brighten your day.

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Just a place where you can leave comments about this site (good or bad). If you're passing by and would like to leave a comment, then here's the place to do it. It's simple and quick to use and I don't ask for personal information.

Tour of Duty '71
This is my story of my time as an Australian infantry soldier during the Vietnam War in 1971. The will give a good idea of exactly what it was like, nothing is exaggerated, I have told my story exactly as it happened.
Also included are a large number of photos I took while on combat operations, plus lots of interesting facts about the war.

The Price of Freedom
This is what remains of my father's diaries. He became a Japanese P.O.W after the fall of Singapore and spent 3 and a half years in Changi and on the 'Railway of Death'.
I think we all need to be reminded occasionally, that the freedom we all enjoy has been paid for by the unimaginable pain, suffering and all too often death, of the many souls who fought for their country. My father, Frederick George Pye was one such soul, he was in the British Royal Artillery and sent to Singapore just before it fell to the Japanese and consequently was a P.O.W. for about three and a half years. The suffering and treatment he and others received from the Japanese is impossible for anyone else to comprehend.

On This Day
Over 134,000 facts about people and places. See who died today, who was born today and what happened today. Hundreds of facts delivered daily. Famous and not so famous people, places, wars, peace, declarations, bombs, astronomical phenomenon, presidents, constitutions and much more. Read it all right here.

Free Software and PHP Scripts
Here are some free programs I wrote primarily for my own use and some free PHP scripts.
There's a program called "Text Magician" which will do just about everything you need with text files, a program to strip all HTML tags from an HTML file leaving you with just the text, a Jokebook containing many thousands of jokes and several PHP scripts including a guestbook, photo album, quiz script, a shoutbox and more.

Free Website Content
Want some FREE web content for your website with absolutely NO gimmicks or catches? Well, here you'll find over 28,000 lines of assorted trivia in 62 categories for your visitors viewing pleasure. Entertainment, famous quotes, history, insects, ologies, proverbs, snippets, space, superstition, assorted trivia, unusual words and more.

Online Lottery
A free online lottery to have some fun with. It doesn't involve any money, but you may end up with your name on the high winners list. Check the hot/cold, odds/evens, overdue or sequential numbers. Pick your own numbers or select a "quickpick" and your tickets will be emailed to you. The lotto is drawn on a daily basis, so you only need to check back the next day to see if you have won. Have fun!!

This is for all your lotto needs. 800 lotto wheels covering pick 4 to pick 8, check your entries, calculate the odds on winning a lotto, check past lotto draws for odds/evens, overdue, hot/cold and sequential numbers, try the lotto simulator and select your lotto picks from the best option. And it's all free!!

Kids Colouring In Pages and Puzzles
Just the thing to keep your kids busy on a boring day. Over 7,700 childrens pictures in 300 categories to colour in. There are cartoon characters, movie, animals, objects, plus dot to dot puzzles, mazes and word puzzles. These can all be easily printed out straight to your printer and will provide hours of entertaining fun for your kids.

Free Hypnotherapy MP3 Files
These are freely distributable, professional hypnotherapy mp3 files to help with many problems in life. They cover such subjects as relaxation, stop smoking, losing weight, asthma, learning, headaches and more. Please enjoy.

Answering Machine Messages
Here you'll find over 600 assorted, funny answering machine messages. Why be stuck with the usual dull "Hello, we're not at home. Please leave a message.", when you can have a famous movie star, cartoon character or any humourous one you like.
Just click on the one you want and it will play in your browser, or right click and select "Save file as" to download it to your computer.
All of these messages are free for the taking, so enjoy.

Lots of quizzes that you can do for free. Over 27,000 true or false, multiple choice or anagram quizzes for you to test your knowledge with. You can come back and keep a running score with your unique user name and password. See if you can become the number one quiz taker.

Trivia Page
A trivia page full of random bits of trivial stuff that has absolutely no useful value at all (but it is fun). There's trivia about animals, celebrity insults, celebrity quotes, deaths, famous quotes, food, superstitions and lots more. There are thousands of bits of trivia and the page is automatically updated twice a day. So why not find out something useless that you don't really need to know.

10,000 Free Fonts
Fonts ... Fonts ... and more FONTS ... All the fonts that you could possibly want: There are shapes, people, buildings, cars, block fonts, outline, cursive, large, small, fat, thin and just about anything else that you can think of. 10,000 fonts (yes, that's right), sorted alphabetically and displayed at up to 200 per page over 62 pages. So it's quite easy to browse the fonts and you can download as many as you like. These were collected from various sources on the net and are all believed to be freely distributable. Just select from the alphabetical menu at the page top and begin browsing. Enjoy ...

A plethora of assorted clipart. Over 27,000 clipart images in 43 categories for you to use. There should be something here for everyone. Find that elusive picture you need for that special project. These are all in GIF format, so you can make transparent backgrounds if required. These are easy to browse as there are 100 thumbnails per page and then simply click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.

Over 20,000 gif animations in 130 different categories for your enjoyment. There are alien, astrology, books, clowns, computers, famous people, human parts, marriage, people, religion, telephones, war and much more. You should be able to find just that animation that you've been looking for right here.

One of the largest collections of avatars on the internet. A database of free avatars for use in forums, blogs, websites or instant messengers. Over 28,000 avatars to choose from. Arranged in various categories such as: Animals, Anime, Art, Buildings, Cartoon, Comics, Famous People, Fantasy, Flags, Funny, Games, Goth, Horror and much more. Easy to view (150 at a time).

Wallpaper Backgrounds
Almost 1,000 wallpaper images to select from. They come in a large assortment of sizes for computers, tablets and laptops. Easy to select and easy to download. There are cartoons, scenery, movies and much, much more.

SIRDS stands for (Single Image Randon Dot Stereogram.), which in simple English comprises what appears to be an image which doesn't really look like anything. But when you look at it the right way, a 3 dimensional hidden picture will pop up. The correct explanation is a single-image random-dot stereogram (SIRDS), which is a set of printed or displayed dots that appear to form a three-dimensional (3D) scene when viewed close-up with the eyes focused at infinity.
There are 100 SIRDS images for you to view here, plus some backgrounds and 3d images you can use to make your own.