Online Lotto


Welcome to the free online lotto game. This can be played for free and no money is involved in betting or winning. The top winners names are displayed on a winners list.This is a fun lotto game that you can enjoy that is run similarly to a real lotto game.

All you need to play is your name and a valid email address. Email addresses are not shown and are only used so that you can receive your lotto ticket and unique ticket number.

The time is: 4:46 pm.
Lottos are drawn at: 11:59 pm each day.
The next draw is in 7 hour(s) and 12 minute(s).

This is a 6 of 49 lottery, meaning that you pick 6 numbers per game from a pool of 49 numbers and 5 games per ticket.

Current draw is draw number 488
Winning numbers:  

Odds on winning:
6/61 in 13,983,816
5/61 in 55,492
4/61 in 1,033
3/61 in 56.7
2/61 in 8.3

Current Winners:
3/6No one29 November 2016
3/6Richard Evans25 November 2016
2/6Homer Simpson26 November 2016
2/6Richard Evans25 November 2016
2/6Homer Simpson1 December 2016