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Welcome to LottoCalc

Why this site?
There are many people selling lotto programs, charging to access "systems" on websites and selling "how to win" books. With that in mind, I decided to put up this website so that no-one has to waste their money.
The almost 800 wheels available on this site are the same - or similar to the ones that others make you pay for, but on here they are free.

Lotto Systems on this Site
This site is Australian and is primarily aimed at up to an 6 number lotto draw with a possible one or two supplementaries. This site does not cater to powerball lottos or all division prizes that may be included in all lottos. However this site does apply to the most common lottos around.

Winning the Lotto
I have included a calculator on this site and you may be surprised at what the odds are on winning a lotto.
The ONLY way of improving the odds of winning at lotto, is to buy lots of tickets, but remember that the odds are stacked against you.
What you can do on this site is to try some of the wheeling systems. That way, if the winning numbers (or some of them) come up in your wheel numbers, then you are guaranteed at least one of the lower winning prizes. You can also try hot/cold, overdue, sequential and more from an uploaded file of previous draws. This is the BEST that you can expect from any lotto system.

Where to get data
Many of the pages on this site make use of past lotto draws. For hot/cold, odd/even and overdue data, you will only need about the most recent 30 to 40 draws. Past draws for many lottos can be obtained from You will need to edit the files to the following format:


In conclusion
Don't be fooled into paying your money to anyone who claims they can help you win the lotto. If their systems worked as well as they claim, then why don't they simply make money using their lotto system instead of trying to sell it to you!!
If you would like some info about what these lotto programs are like, go to
If you want some info about lotto scams, lotto software and a discussion forum, go to

I make no claims that the wheeling systems or any of the factual data on this site will win lotto for you (because they probably won't), but they may well improve your odds of winning some of the lower prizes. At least you can say you tried!
Most of this site is devoted to using a list of past lotto draws and deducing factual data from the draws. I don't go in for the psychic, guessing, lucky numbers or any other superstitious stuff. Using the pages on this site, along with past draws, you can give yourself a slight edge, which is based on passed statistics. Remember, lotto is a game of chance and you can only increase your odds slightly.

I am Australian and have designed this site with the Australian lotto systems in mind, however, this site should apply to most lotto systems in the world.

Any problems with this site or requested improvements, please contact me here .