Software and PHP Scripts

All programs available for download are free of advertising, viruses, malware or anything else. Each program will install completely into its own directory, will include an uninstall and will make no changes to your computer or registry. All PHP scripts contain instructions and are fully functional. These programs and scripts are completely free and may be freely redistributed.
Please note that I do NOT provide help or support for these programs and scripts, they all have help files or instructions, so please do not email me asking for help or to make changes.

Downloads Started: 17 June 2016
File Name:
Text Magician1,646
HTML Stripper491
The Jokebook576
Javascript Vault579
Gif Vault811
Smiley Vault300
PHP Downloader362
PHP Guestbook540
PHP Visitor Counter568
PHP Quiz Master1,105
PHP Easy Contact Form401
PHP Random Polls375
PHP Complete Shoutbox586
PHP On This Day309
PHP Easy Photo Album909
PHP Easy ECards476
PHP Online Lotto539
PHP Randomizer303
Text Magician
Edit text files the easy way. Join or split files while adding, deleting or replacing text, change to upper or lower case, capitalise all words or the start of all lines, add text to the start or end of lines, remove leading or trailing spaces, add or remove blank lines, remove text blocks, alphabetise lines in file(s), split files at specified lines or text or into a specified number of files, works on multiple files and on files of unlimited size. I wrote this for my own use after I couldn't find a program to do what I wanted, it's extremely easy to use with a simple interface.

HTML Stripper
HTML Stripper was designed to be an extremely easy to use tool that will allow you to strip all javascript and html tags from a web page. HTML Stripper can also remove leading spaces, tabs and blank lines so that you end up with a much neater file. I couldn't find a simple program to do what I wanted so this is the result and it even works properly.

Lotto Calc
I found that this program was unsuitable for distribution, so I have withdrawn it.
If you are keen on everything Lotto, then go here.

The Jokebook
This is something that I put together over a couple of years and if printed, is the size of a decent sized book. It contains jokes of ALL descriptions covering just about every topic possible. If you enjoy laughing at ourselves then this is just for you. This is in html (web) format, just unzip the directory, open index.htm in your browser and enjoy!

Javascript Vault
The largest offline archive of javascripts you'll find. Over 700 assorted scripts in 17 categories set up to run straight from your browser. Something for everyone from easy to advanced users. Buttons, menus, graphics, text, redirection, cookies, messages, scrollers, forms and more. Set up in html pages so that you can easily try the scripts without any messy editing.

Gif Vault
Over 7,500 32x32 GIF images (mostly 16 col) all categorized and ready to put in a web page or be used with other purposes. All images are set with a transparent background and are mostly around 500 bytes in size.
An easy install setup has been included and when installed will load the various pages into your browser. These images are also the right size to easily be converted into Windows icons. Images include cartoons, computer, household, building, Sci-Fi, space, smileys, music, animals, insects and much more.

Smiley Vault
A tad under 1,800 animated and still smiley gifs. Express your emotions in emails, web pages, letters etc by adding a smiley. There are glad, sad and mad ones - grumpy, jumpy and frumpy ones - happy, rappy and crappy ones - there are even smilies driving cars, flying planes, with hats, talking, crying, sighing and dying. This is in html (web) format and has been set up with an installer, so just click and enjoy!

PHP Scripts

A simple download script that hides the download directory and restricts downloads to one hidden directory, plus it also counts the downloads. Also included is a script to show the downloads. Uses a flat file database, no mysql needed.
Download Script in use at the top of this page.

A free guestbook for your site. Very simple to use and easy to set up. It has several layers of spam and robot protection (well, as much as possible) and can be configured to send you an email when someone leaves a comment. A better optional verification system is included which isn't as annoying as the captcha system. The script is very configurable and can be easily adapted to your website and best of all -- IT'S FREE!! Uses a flat file database, no mysql needed.
Download | Demo

Visitor Counter
Count the visitors to your site. Will show the date, total page hits, total visitors, visitors online, most online, most visitors in a day, visitors today, visitors yesterday, visitors two days ago and visitors three days ago. Uses a flat file database, no mysql needed.

Quiz Master
Run your own quizzes from your website. Uses a flat file database and takes as many quizzes as you like, multiple choice, single answer and yes or no.
Records username and password,with automatic retrieval of forgotten username or password to the users email address. Spam protection against email attacks. Top scorers for each quiz and top scores for individual users. Optional email to admin when a quiz is taken. A stylesheet is included where the script colours can be changed and a banned word list is included for the usernames. 3 sample quizzes with a few hundred questions and answers are also included.
Download | Demo

Easy Contact Form
Want an easy to use (and setup) email form for your website. Visitors can easily and quickly send you an email without bothering with their email program. Use it for comments, questions or a contact form. Only two variables to change at the top of the form page.
Download | Demo

Random Polls
This script will allow you to run random polls (or a single one) on your website. just keep adding a simple poll text file as per the examples and voila!, you have a new poll ready to run. The script records the ip address of each poll taker for each poll, so visitors cannot "double dip". Have it running in a few seconds and the colors and table size are fully customisable via css.
Download | Demo

Complete Shoutbox
Put this shoutbox on each page of your website and visitors can chat to each other in real time. Only one variable to change and the colours can be changed via a css stylesheet. Has badword checking, IP banning and smileys. An online Admin area is included where you can delete entries, add badwords and ban IP addresses. An example setup is included so you simply have to adapt the example page to your own pages. Uses a flat file database, no mysql needed.
Download | Demo

On This Day
Put this on your website and it will display a heap of facts about each individual day. Over 134,000 facts covering Events, Births and Deaths. No variables to change, just upload the complete directory to your website and it's running. Colours can be easily changed in the style.css file. Released under the GNU license, so you are free to change this script as you see fit.
Download | Demo

Easy Photo Album
An easy to set up photo album for your website with only one variable to change (admin password). You can use an unlimited number of photos, or images as the script creates pages with an adjustable number of thumbnails per page. Thumbnails are automatically created using the GD library. An admin area is included where you can create/remove folders and photos and a css file to change the colours. Probably the easiest Photo Album around.
Download | Demo

Easy ECards
As the title says, it's an easy to setup and use ECards system. Use as many categories as you like. Incorporates rich text (bold, italics, colors, font sizes etc), smileys, music and backgrounds. Mobile phone friendly ECards. Cards automatically deleted after preset time. Uses the free TinyMCE rich text editor and HTMLPurifier to sanitize input against malicious attacks. Links included where you can download 900 presized images, 27 royalty free songs and 35 baqckgrounds. This makes Easy ECards a complete ready to run ECard system.
Download | Demo

Online Lotto
An online lotto system that you can put on your website. This does not involve any money, but your visitors may get their name on the high winners list. The script does not require any admin maintenance, creates a new lotto draw once a day, emails lotto ticket info to each ticket holder, tickets can be checked for up to 20 days after each draw and is a 6 of 49 lottery. Uses a flat file database, so mysql is not needed. A style sheet allows for easy customisation of the colours and cPanel cron is used to produce a daily lotto draw. The script is a fluid design and is fully mobile phone, tablet and PC screen compatible, also included are stats on odd/even, hot/cold and overdue numbers and sequential number sets. A badword filter is included for usernames.
Download | Demo

See how often random numbers, letters and dice really come up. A fun script to randomize spins for dice, cards, 1 to 10, lottery, alphabet and odds/evens. Try up to 1,000,000 tries at a time and see just how random things really are. Mobile phone, tablet and PC screen compatible. Just one simple file to put on your site and hey presto!!
Download | Demo